Planning for Tomorrow, Today

DenneyforIdaho-fam Fair Elections.  A State that doesn’t compete with private businesses.  Streamlining the business registration process.  These are a few of the key reasons Lawerence Denney ran for Idaho’s Secretary of State. Now in office, these are a few of the key tasks at hand.

We as a state should not purchase private businesses and compete with business owners,” said Denney.  “Republicans and Democrats in the Legislature have joined forces on this front, yet the Idaho Land Board continues to buy commercial properties, which puts the state in a position of competing with our friends, families, and neighbors.  Some counties stand to lose as previously taxable property is taken off the tax rolls once ownership is transferred to the state…

By ensuring that Idahoans aren’t competing with State run businesses, that elections continue to be fair and transparent, and keeping the business registration and compliance process moving forward into a more streamlined, simplistic environment, the Secretary of State’s office will be sure that the Idaho we hand off to our next generation is the Idaho we love.