Family Man. Family Values.

“If you just do what is right, you won’t always worry about what could go wrong.”  Sounds like something you may have heard from your mother.  That’s because generation after generation, some things just hold up to the test of time.  Call it good, solid family values.  Do what’s right.  Be Faithful.  Work hard.  Honesty is the best policy.  Remember that its not about you.  Pray.  Some may call it old-fashioned, but when something works… you just stick with it.

These are the values and lessons that Lawerence Denney was taught by his parents.  These are the values he lived growing up, and subsequently taught to his children.  These are the values and lessons that he still lives by and that shape his decisions today.  Some may call it simple, but often, it is the simple things that break the least and stand up to the test of time.