At Home in the Gem State

Idaho born.  Idaho raised.  Lawerence Denney is an Idahoan who works for Idahoans.

Lawerence Denney was born in 1948 at the Council Hospital in Adams County, Idaho, to James and Viola Denney. He was raised in Midvale on the family farm and attended Midvale schools. Lawerence was actively involved in F.F.A., basketball, football, and track during his high school years, graduating in 1966. Lawerence went on to attend the University of Idaho where he received his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics. He entered the Army after graduating from college in 1970, and headed straight to Vietnam following boot camp and specialist training. While in Vietnam, Lawerence received the Bronze Star.

Upon returning to Midvale, Lawerence worked for a time at the lumber mill, as well as a second job at the Sutton Ranches. He renewed his friendship with Donna Moyer, who was soon to become his wife and helpmate. They purchased the family farm and milked cows for fourteen years, culminating with up to 100 milking cows. As happens, half of the herd contracted a sickness and had to be sold. Lawerence & Donna chose to sell the entire herd, and for a time raised hay as a cash crop. They raised four children; three daughters, and one son, while farming.

During this time, Lawerence became involved with coaching track and boy’s basketball. He enjoyed his time working with the young people from the communities of Cambridge and Midvale. During the early 80’s, he drove the school bus to the ski lodge at Hitt Mountain, and also taught many young people to ski. Those were very enjoyable times for the entire family.

Lawerence served as an EMT and volunteer fireman for many years, and is also very involved with his church, serving on one board or another every year.