Denney Shines in PBS Secretary of State Debate

Posted on May 15, 2014 in Editorials, News, The Rest of the Story | 0 comments

Lawerence Denney proved again with last evening’s Secretary of State Debate that he is the most experienced and well rounded candidate for the coming election.  Denney showed his Idaho roots and grounded experience while answering questions and explaining his credentials for the position.  He clearly was the gentleman of the group by sticking to the issues and deflecting personal attacks with a smile.  These are traits well known to those who worked with him in the Statehouse for many years and confirmed his leadership experience.  Denney, has been crisscrossing the state for months to earn the trust and support of the voters since announcing his candidacy and his challengers are showing some signs of  desperation now that the race in its final week.
– Wayne Frieders
To see the video of The Idaho Debates 2014 by PBS, watch the video below: