An Endorsement Letter from Rep. Sharon Block

Posted on May 13, 2014 in Editorials, News, The Rest of the Story | 0 comments

(as originally sent to the Times News by 6-term Twin Falls Republican Representative Sharon Block)

Dear Editor,

Lawerence Denney is a candidate for Idaho’s Secretary of State who has the outstanding qualities needed for this important position. He has served Idaho well as a member of the Idaho State Legislature for the past 20 years. As a fellow legislator in the Idaho House of Representatives, I had the privilege of working with Representative Denney for 12 years. As I watched him rise through the House ranks, serving first as a Legislator, then Assistant Majority Leader, Majority Leader, and subsequently Speaker of the House, he gained my respect. His character and leadership qualities were a guiding presence in the Legislature. Through the years, I watched his votes and listened to him debate on hundreds of issues. His record is clear and unwavering. Rep. Denney has solid family values and works hard. He is a man of faith and a Vietnam Veteran. He is a farmer. He understands rural, business and economic issues. He upholds the Constitution and the rule of law. He also cares deeply about Idaho’s people and families and preserving their way of life.

The Secretary of State is a member of the Idaho Land Board, the overseer of Idaho‘s 2.4 million acres of Endowment Lands. Funds from these lands help fund Idaho schools. Rep. Denney’s budgeting and natural resource experience is needed on this Board. He will be a strong voice for rural Idaho. Rep. Denney’s leadership qualities are effective. He remains calm and level-headed when the going gets tough. When difficult situations arise, he uses sound judgment and finds solutions that are fair to all those involved. As a Committee Chairman, I had the opportunity to work with Speaker Denney through some very controversial issues. On these occasions, his advice to me was “Just put the bill out on the table and let the System work.”

Lawerence Denney knows, with all his heart, that the System our forefathers created works. In his Speaker’s office, his patriotism and values were evident. Near his desk, he displayed a large US flag and a large Idaho flag. On his desk were the books of the Idaho Constitution, the Rules and Procedures of the Idaho Legislature, and a well-used Bible. He held all in high esteem. Lawerence Denney is truly an Idaho man and a man for Idaho people. Please join me on May 20th in voting for Lawerence Denney for Idaho’s Secretary of State.

Sharon Block
3429 Harvest Moon Drive
Kimberly, ID 83341

Thank you Sharon for your encouragement and support! – Lawerence Denney