“Stop it in it’s Tracks…”

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In a recent “Letter to the Editor” in the Idaho Statesman…

The Statesman’s editorial board praises Secretary of State Ben Ysursa “on the way Ysursa goes about the job.” Ben deserves praise from all Idahoans for running his office in a nonpartisan and evenhanded way.

His work on the Idaho Land Board, however, is a different story. Mr. Ysursa voted to approve the Land Board’s Asset Management Plan for the state to buy commercial real estate with school endowment money.

In addition to a 414 unit storage facility and brew pub in Boise, the plan calls for buying office, retail and light industrial business (see LBAMP page 23).

The secretary of state believes that the Land Board should “operate a profit-oriented business within a government agency.” (see page 26) In order to do this the plan aims to “change social and political attitudes and values, markets and products.” (see page 28)

This is a dangerous plan for Idaho and puts the state in direct competition with private enterprise. This Land Board Business Plan must be rejected and it will take the strong leadership of Lawerence Denney as secretary of state to stop it in its tracks.


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